10-5 Robert Struijs
Flux Vector Distribution (732K, pdf ) Jan 7, 10
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Abstract. We present a space discretization for advection equations on unstructured and structured grids. In this discretization, the flux is calculated on edges, and then distributed over the nodes of the grid. The distribution is based on advection speeds which are edge-based or cell-based, corresponding to flux vector splitting or to flux difference splitting. Enlarging the distribution stencil leads to upwind and central directional higher order schemes. The discretization method includes and extends residual distribution methods. In this paper, the distribution is based on the N scheme since the aim is to reduce the truncation error for certain directions, but the method allows for more general distributions with improved accuracy. For systems of equations, the flux vector is decomposed in scalar parts which are distributed separately. Discretizations using limiters are locally inconsistent.

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