10-22 Pierluigi Falco
Vector and Axial anomaly in the Thirring-Wess model (58K, tar.gz) Jan 27, 10
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Abstract. We study the 2D Vector Meson model introduced by Thirring and Wess, that is to say the Schwinger model with massive photon and massless fermion. We prove, with a renormalization group approach, that the vector and axial Ward identities are broken by the Adler-Bell-Jackiw anomaly; and we rigorously establish three widely believed consequences: a) the interacting meson-meson correlation equals a free boson propagator, though the mass is additively renormalized by the anomaly; b) the anomaly is quadratic in the charge, in agreement with the Adler-Bardeen formula; c) the fermion-fermion correlation has an anomalous long-distance decay.

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