10-20 Jean-Francois Metayer, Donald Suntrup III, Charles Radin, Harry Swinney and Matthias Schroeter
Shearing of frictional sphere packings (841K, pdf) Jan 22, 10
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Abstract. We measure shear stress in packings of glass spheres by pulling a thin metal plate vertically through a bed of volume fractions phi, which is set (before the plate is pulled) to be in the range 0.575 to 0.628. The yield stress increases exponentially with phi with a change in slope at phi approximately 0.594. An analysis of the shear stress fluctuations provides a measure of the shear modulus divided by shear zone width; this measure also exhibits distinct regimes above and below phi approximately 0.594. The yield stress and the rescaled shear modulus are velocity independent over 4 decades.

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