10-198 J. Kellendonk, K. Pankrashkin, S. Richard
Levinson's theorem and higher degree traces for Aharonov-Bohm operators (426K, PDF) Dec 14, 10
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Abstract. We study Levinson type theorems for the family of Aharonov-Bohm models from different perspectives. The first one is purely analytical involving the explicit calculation of the wave-operators and allowing to determine precisely the various contributions to the left hand side of Levinson's theorem, namely those due to the scattering operator, the terms at 0-energy and at infinite energy. The second one is based on non-commutative topology revealing the topological nature of Levinson's theorem. We then include the parameters of the family into the topological description obtaining a new type of Levinson's theorem, a higher degree Levinson's theorem. In this context, the Chern number of a bundle defined by a family of projections on bound states is explicitly computed and related to the result of a 3-trace applied on the scattering part of the model.

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