10-192 Paul Federbush, Shmuel Friedland
An Asymptotic Expansion and Recursive Inequalities for the Monomer-Dimer Problem (60K, laTex) Nov 30, 10
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Abstract. Let (lambda_d)(p) be the p monomer-dimer entropy on the d-dimensional integer lattice Z^d, where p in [0,1] is the dimer density. We give upper and lower bounds for (lambda_d)(p) in terms of expressions involving (lambda_(d-1))(q). The upper bound is based on a conjecture claiming that the p monomer-dimer entropy of an infinite subset of Z^d is bounded above by (lambda_d)(p). We compute the first three terms in the formal asymptotic expansion of (lambda_d)(p) in powers of 1/d. We prove that the lower asymptotic matching conjecture is satisfied for (lambda_d)(p).

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