10-183 H. Najar ; O. Olendski
Spectral and localization properties of the Dirichlet wave guide with two concentric Neumann discs (23473K, .ps , .pdf) Nov 13, 10
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Abstract. Bound states of the Hamiltonian describing a quantum particle living on three dimensional straight strip of width $d$ are investigated. We impose the Neumann boundary condition on the two concentric windows of the radii $a$ and $ b$ located on the opposite walls and the Dirichlet boundary condition on the remaining part of the boundary of the strip. We prove that such a system exhibits discrete eigenvalues below the essential spectrum for any $a,b>0$. When $a$ and $b$ tend to the infinity, the asymptotic of the eigenvalue is derived. A comparative analysis with the one-window case reveals that due to the additional possibility of the regulating energy spectrum the anticrossing structure builds up as a function of the inner radius with its sharpness increasing for the larger outer radius. Mathematical and physical interpretation of the obtained results is presented; namely, it is derived that the anticrossings are accompanied by the drastic changes of the wave function localization. Parallels are drawn to the other structures exhibiting similar phenomena; in particular, it is proved that, contrary to the two-dimensional geometry, at the critical Neumann radii true bound states exist.

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