09-87 Fumio Hiroshima, Takashi Ichinose and Jozsef Lorinczi
Path Integral Representation for Schr\"odinger Operators with Bernstein Functions of the Laplacian (534K, pdf) May 30, 09
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Abstract. Path integral representations for generalized Schr\"odinger operators obtained under a class of Bernstein functions of the Laplacian are established. The one-to-one correspondence of Bernstein functions with L\'evy subordinators is used, thereby the role of Brownian motion entering the standard Feynman-Kac formula is taken here by subordinated Brownian motion. As specific examples, fractional and relativistic Schr\"odinger operators with magnetic field and spin are covered. Results on self-adjointness of these operators are obtained under conditions allowing for singular magnetic fields and singular external potentials as well as arbitrary integer and half-integer spin values. This approach also allows to propose a notion of generalized Kato class for which hypercontractivity of the associated generalized Schr\"odinger semigroup is shown. As a consequence, dia\-magnetic and energy comparison inequalities are also derived.

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