09-208 John R. Klauder
New Affine Coherent States based on Elements of Nonrenormalizable Scalar Field Models (43K, latex) Nov 22, 09
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Abstract. Recent proposals for a nontrivial quantization of covariant, nonrenormalizable, self-interacting, scalar quantum fields have emphasized the importance of quantum fields that obey affine commutation relations rather than canonical commutation relations. When formulated on a spacetime lattice, such models have a lattice version of the associated ground state, and this vector is used as the fiducial vector for the definition of the associated affine coherent states, thus ensuring that in the continuum limit, the affine field operators are compatible with the system Hamiltonian. In this article, we define and analyze the associated affine coherent states as well as briefly review the author's approach to nontrivial formulations of such nonrenormalizable models.

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