09-14 Balgaisha Mukanova Murat Orunkhanv
Inverse resistivity problem: geoelectric uncertainty principle and numerical reconstruction method (3477K, pdf) Jan 30, 09
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Abstract. Mathematical model of vertical electrical sounding by using resistivity method is studied. The model leads to an inverse problem of determination of the unknown leading coefficient (conductivity) of the elliptic equation in $R^2$ in a slab. The direct problem is obtained in the form of mixed BVP in axisymmetric cylindrical coordinates. The additional (available measured) data is given on the upper boundary of the slab, in the form of tangential derivative. Due to ill-conditionedness of the considered inverse problem the logarithmic transformation is applied to the unknown coefficient and the inverse problem is studied as a minimization problem for the cost functional, with respect to the reflection coefficient. The Conjugate Gradient (CGM) method is applied for the numerical solution of this problem. Computational experiments were performed with noise free and random noisy data.

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