09-120 Antti Knowles and Peter Pickl
Mean-Field Dynamics: Singular Potentials and Rate of Convergence (594K, Postscript) Jul 24, 09
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Abstract. We consider the time evolution of a system of $N$ identical bosons whose interaction potential is rescaled by $N^{-1}$. We choose the initial wave function to describe a condensate in which all particles are in the same one-particle state. It is well known that in the mean-field limit $N \to \infty$ the quantum $N$-body dynamics is governed by the nonlinear Hartree equation. Using a nonperturbative method, we extend previous results on the mean-field limit in two directions. First, we allow a large class of singular interaction potentials as well as strong, possibly time-dependent external potentials. Second, we derive bounds on the rate of convergence of the quantum $N$-body dynamics to the Hartree dynamics.

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