08-85 Paul Federbush
Dimer Lambda_d Expansion Computer Computations (12K, LaTeX) Apr 28, 08
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Abstract. In a previous paper an asymptotic expansion for lambda_d in powers of 1/d was developed. The results of computer computations for some terms in the expansion, as well as various quantities associated to the expansion, are herein presented. The computations (in integer arithmetic) are actually done only for d=1, d=2, and d=3, but some results for arbitrary dimension follow from the general structure of the theory. In particular we obtain the next term in powers of 1/d, the 1/d^3 term in the asymptotic expansion for lambda_d, as well as checking the correctness of the terms previously calculated by hand. For d=2 and d=3 a second expansion for lambda_d is defined and numerically studied. Contrary to our hopes this second type of expansion appears not to be convergent. There is not enough evidence to argue if the expansions for lambda_d in powers of 1/d are convergent for either d=2 or d=3, but likely they are not. ( Certainly convergence, but at a very slow rate, remains an interesting possibility in all our cases. )

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