08-238 Laurent Amour, Jeremy Faupin, Benoit Grebert and Jean-Claude Guillot
On the Infrared Problem for the Dressed Non-Relativistic Electron in a Magnetic Field (389K, pdf) Dec 18, 08
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Abstract. We consider a non-relativistic electron interacting with a classical magnetic field pointing along the $x_3$-axis and with a quantized electromagnetic field. The system is translation invariant in the $x_3$-direction and we consider the reduced Hamiltonian $H(P_3)$ associated with the total momentum $P_3$ along the $x_3$-axis. For a fixed momentum $P_3$ sufficiently small, we prove that $H(P_3)$ has a ground state in the Fock representation if and only if $E'(P_3)=0$, where $P_3 \mapsto E'(P_3)$ is the derivative of the map $P_3 \mapsto E(P_3) = \inf \sigma (H(P_3))$. If $E'(P_3) \neq 0$, we obtain the existence of a ground state in a non-Fock representation. This result holds for sufficiently small values of the coupling constant.

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