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Bourbaki's "Integration": How, and why (186K, PDF uuencoded) Dec 15, 08
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Abstract. Document prepared as a `data base' for a talk entitled "Bourbaki's `Integration': How, and why", presented at the Mathematics Seminar of the University of North Carolina at Asheville, on September 19, 2007. It is, in a sense, a prospectus for N. Bourbaki's exposition of measure and integral, including a summary of the key definitions, and seasoned with historical notes on the group authorship that is Nicolas Bourbaki. The pdf file (inttalk.pdf) contains 137,493 bytes. A related document, Notes on N.Bourbaki's "Integration", is intnotes.pdf, currently posted in mp_arc as item 08-193 in the folder for 2008: http://www.ma.utexas.edu/mp_arc-bin/mpa?yn=08-193

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