08-216 Denis Gaidashev, Hans Koch
Period doubling in area-preserving maps: an associated one-dimensional problem (4063K, Postscript) Nov 16, 08
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Abstract. It has been observed that the famous Feigenbaum-Coullet-Tresser period doubling universality has a counterpart for area-preserving maps of $\field{R}^2$. A renormalization approach has been used in a computer-assisted proof of existence of an area-preserving map with orbits of all binary periods by J.-P. Eckmann, H. Koch and P. Wittwer (1982 and 1984). As it is the case with all non-trivial universality problems in non-dissipative systems in dimensions more than one, no analytic proof of this period doubling universality exists to date. We argue that the period doubling renormalization fixed point for area-preserving maps is almost one dimensional, in the sense that it is close to the following Henon-like map: $$H^*(x,u)=(\phi(x)-u,x-\phi(\phi(x)-u )),$$ where $\phi$ solves $$\phi(x)={2 \over \lambda} \phi(\phi(\lambda x))-x.$$ We then give a ``proof'' of existence of solutions of small analytic perturbations of this one dimensional problem, and describe some of the properties of this solution. The ``proof'' consists of an analytic argument for factorized inverse branches of $\phi$ together with verification of several inequalities and inclusions of subsets of $\field{C}$ numerically. Finally, we suggest an analytic approach to the full period doubling problem for area-preserving maps based on its proximity to the one dimensional. In this respect, the paper is an exploration of a possible analytic machinery for a non-trivial renormalization problem in a conservative two-dimensional system.

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