08-21 Kiro Miyazaki
Soft nuclear equations of state for super-massive neutron star (237K, PDF) Jan 30, 08
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Abstract. Two new nuclear equations of state (EOSs) are proposed and are applied to neutron star (NS). They predict the incompressibilities K_0=179MeV and 230MeV, respectively. The density dependencies of nuclear symmetry energies are consistent with the recent analyses of heavy-ion reactions. We can reproduce the recently observed super-massive NS of M_G>2.5M_{odot}, the mass-radius relation of EXO 0748-676 and the large radius R>13km of RX J1856.5-3754. No direct URCA in NS is consistent with the standard scenario of NS cooling. Because most of modern EOSs of NS matter cannot satisfy all these constraints, our EOSs are excellent.

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