08-200 Pierre Collet, Jean-Pierre Eckmann, Carlos Mejia-Monasterio
Superdiffusive Heat Transport in a Class of Deterministic One-Dimensional Many-Particle Lorentz Gases (388K, pdf) Oct 25, 08
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Abstract. We study heat transport in a one-dimensional chain of a finite number $N$ of identical cells, coupled at its boundaries to stochastic particle reservoirs. At the center of each cell, tracer particles collide with fixed scatterers, exchanging momentum. In a recent paper, \cite{CE08}, a spatially continuous version of this model was derived in a scaling regime where the scattering probability of the tracers is $\gamma\sim1/N$, corresponding to the Grad limit. A Boltzmann type equation describing the transport of heat was obtained. In this paper, we show numerically that the Boltzmann description obtained in \cite{CE08} is indeed a bona fide limit of the particle model. Furthermore, we also study the heat transport of the model when the scattering probability is one, corresponding to deterministic dynamics. At a coarse grained level the model behaves as a persistent random walker with a broad waiting time distribution and strong correlations associated to the deterministic scattering. We show, that, in spite of the absence of global conserved quantities, the model leads to a superdiffusive heat transport.

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