08-192 Artur Avila, Yoram Last, and Barry Simon
Bulk Universality and Clock Spacing of Zeros for Ergodic Jacobi Matrices with A.C. Spectrum (353K, PDF) Oct 17, 08
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Abstract. By combining some ideas of Lubinsky with some soft analysis, we prove that universality and clock behavior of zeros for OPRL in the a.c. spectral region is implied by convergence of $\frac{1}{n} K_n(x,x)$ for the diagonal CD kernel and boundedness of the analog associated to second kind polynomials. We then show that these hypotheses are always valid for ergodic Jacobi matrices with a.c.\ spectrum and prove that the limit of $\frac{1}{n} K_n(x,x)$ is $\rho_\infty(x)/w(x)$ where $\rho_\infty$ is the density of zeros and $w$ is the a.c. weight of the spectral measure.

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