08-153 Tomio Umeda, Dabi Wei
Generalized eigenfunctions of relativistic Schroedinger operators in two dimensions (234K, pdf) Aug 26, 08
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Abstract. Generalized eigenfunctions of the two-dimensional relativistic Schr\"o\-dinger operator $H=\sqrt{-\Delta}+V(x)$ with $|V(x)|\leq C\langle x\rangle^{-\sigma}$, $\sigma>3/2$, are considered. We compute the integral kernels of the boundary values $R_0^\pm(\lambda)=(\sqrt{-\Delta}-(\lambda\pm i0))^{-1}$, and prove that the generalized eigenfunctions $\varphi^\pm(x,k)$ are bounded on $R_x^2\times\{k\,| \,a\leq |k|\leq b\}$, where $[a,b]\subset(0,\infty)\backslash\sigma_p(H)$, and $\sigma_p(H)$ is the set of eigenvalues of $H$. With this fact and the completeness of the wave operators, we establish the eigenfunction expansion for the absolutely continuous subspace for $H$. Finally, we show that each generalized eigenfunction is asymptotically equal to a sum of a plane wave and a spherical wave under the assumption that $\sigma>2$.

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