08-14 Horia Cornean, Kurt Hoke, Hagen Neidhardt, Paul N. Racec, Joachim Rehberg
A Kohn-Sham system at zero temperature (335K, pdf) Jan 17, 08
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Abstract. An one-dimensional Kohn-Sham system for spin particles is considered which effectively describes semiconductor {nano}structures and which is investigated at zero temperature. We prove the existence of solutions and derive a priori estimates. For this purpose we find estimates for eigenvalues of the Schr\"odinger operator with effective Kohn-Sham potential and obtain $W^{1,2}$-bounds of the associated particle density operator. Afterwards, compactness and continuity results allow to apply Schauder's fixed point theorem. In case of vanishing exchange-correlation potential uniqueness is shown by monotonicity arguments. Finally, we investigate the behavior of the system if the temperature approaches zero.

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