08-100 Tomio Umeda
Eigenfunctions of Dirac operators at the threshold energies (247K, pdf) May 29, 08
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Abstract. We show that the eigenspaces of the Dirac operator $H=\alpha\cdot ( D - A(x) ) + m \beta $ at the threshold energies $\pm m$ are coincide with the direct sum of the zero space and the kernel of the Weyl-Dirac operator $\sigma\cdot ( D - A(x) )$. Based on this result, we describe the asymptotic limits of the eigenfunctions of the Dirac operator corresponding to these threshold energies. Also, we discuss the set of vector potentials for which the kernels of $H\mp m$ are non-trivial, i.e. $\mbox{Ker}(H\mp m) \not = \{ 0 \}$.

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