07-70 Marek Biskup, Timothy M. Prescott
Functional CLT for random walk among bounded random conductances (194K, PDF) Mar 24, 07
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Abstract. We consider the nearest-neighbor simple random walk on $\Z^d$, $d\ge2$, driven by a field of i.i.d. random nearest-neighbor conductances $\omega_{xy}\in[0,1]$. Apart from the requirement that the bonds with positive conductances percolate, we pose no restriction on the law of the $\omega$'s. We prove that, for a.e. realization of the environment, the path distribution of the walk converges weakly to that of non-degenerate, isotropic Brownian motion. The quenched functional CLT holds despite the fact that the local CLT may fail in $d\ge5$ due to anomalously slow decay of the probability that the walk returns to the starting point at a given time.

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