07-66 Jean V. Bellissard, Peter D. Hislop, G\"unter Stolz
Correlations Estimates in the Lattice Anderson Model (286K, pdf) Mar 20, 07
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Abstract. We give a new proof of correlation estimates for arbitrary moments of the resolvent of random Schr\"odinger operators on the lattice that generalizes and extends the correlation estimate of Minami for the second moment. We apply this moment bound to obtain a new $n$-level Wegner-type estimate that measures eigenvalue correlations through an upper bound on the probability that a local Hamiltonian has at least $n$ eigenvalues in a given energy interval. Another consequence of the correlation estimates is that the results on the Poisson statistics of energy level spacing and the simplicity of the eigenvalues in the strong localization regime hold for a wide class of translation-invariant, selfadjoint, lattice operators with decaying off-diagonal terms and random potentials.

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