07-304 A. Balinsky, W. D. Evans and Y. Saito
Dirac-Sobolev inequalities and estimates for the zero modes of massless Dirac operators (290K, PDF) Dec 12, 07
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Abstract. The paper analyses the decay of any zero modes that might exist for a massless Dirac operator $H:= \ba \cdot (1/i) \bgrad + Q, $ where $Q$ is $4 \times 4$-matrix-valued and of order $O(|\x|^{-1})$ at infinity. The approach is based on inversion with respect to the unit sphere in $\R^3$ and establishing embedding theorems for Dirac-Sobolev spaces of spinors $f$ which are such that $f$ and $Hf$ lie in $\left(L^p(\R^3)\right)^4, 1\le p<\infty.$

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