07-216 J.-B. Bru and V.A. Zagrebnov
Large Deviations in the Superstable Weakly Imperfect Bose Gas (484K, Postscript) Sep 21, 07
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Abstract. The superstable Weakly Imperfect Bose Gas (WIBG) was originally derived to solve the inconsistency of the Bogoliubov theory of superfluidity. Its grand-canonical thermodynamics was recently solved but not at point of the (first order) phase transition. This paper proposes to close this gap by using the large deviations formalism and in particular the analysis of the Kac distribution function. It turns out that, as a function of the chemical potential, the discontinuity of the Bose condensate density at the phase transition point disappears as a function of the particle density. Indeed, the Bose condensate continuously starts at the first critical particle density and progressively grows but the free-energy per particle stays constant until the second critical density is reached. At higher particle densities, the Bose condensate density as well as the free-energy per particle both increase monotonously.

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