07-204 Helge Krueger and Gerald Teschl
Effective Pruefer Angles and Relative Oscillation Criteria (60K, LaTeX2e) Sep 2, 07
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Abstract. We present a streamlined approach to relative oscillation criteria based on effective Pruefer angles adapted to the use at the edges of the essential spectrum. Based on this we provided a new scale of oscillation criteria for general Sturm-Liouville operators which answer the question whether a perturbation inserts a finite or an infinite number of eigenvalues into an essential spectral gap. As a special case we recover the Gesztesy-Uenal criterion (which works below the spectrum and contains classical criteria by Kneser, Hartman, Hille, and Weber) and the well-known results by Rofe-Beketov including the extensions by Schmidt.

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