07-12 Kiro Miyazaki
Neutron skin of 208Pb in consistency with neutron star observations (163K, PDF) Jan 12, 07
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Abstract. The renormalized meson-nucleon couplings are applied to the relativistic optical model of p-208Pb elastic scattering at T_{lab}=200MeV. We calculate the strength of the vector potential at nuclear center as varying the neutron radius of 208Pb. The neutron skin thickness S_{n} is determined in the comparison of the calculated potential with the phenomenological one. We find a value S_{n}=0.118fm being consistent with the astronomical observations of massive neutron stars (NSs), the standard scenario of NS cooling and the experimental nuclear symmetry energy in terrestrial laboratory. The value is complementary to the previous result S_{n}=0.119fm in the analysis of elastic scattering above T_{lab}=500MeV within the relativistic impulse optical model.

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