06-8 Isabeau Birindelli, Enrico Valdinoci
The Ginzburg-Landau equation in the Heisenberg group (114K, LATeX) Jan 11, 06
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Abstract. We consider a functional related with phase transition models in the Heisenberg group framework. We prove that level sets of local minimizers satisfy some density estimates, that is, they behave as ``codimension one" sets. We thus deduce a uniform convergence property of these level sets to interfaces with minimal area. These results are then applied in the construction of (qua\-si)periodic, plane-like minimizers, i.e., minimizers of our functional whose level sets are contained in a spacial slab of universal size in a prescribed direction. As a limiting case, we obtain the existence of hypersurfaces contained in such a slab which minimize the surface area with respect to a given periodic metric.

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