06-320 Christof Kuelske and Aernout C.D.van Enter
Non-existence of random gradient Gibbs measures in continuous interface models in d=2. (35K, latex) Nov 7, 06
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Abstract. We consider statistical mechanics models of continuous spins in a disordered environment. These models have a natural interpretation as effective interface models. It is well known that without disorder there are no interface Gibbs measures in infinite volume in dimension d=2, while there are "gradient Gibbs measures", describing an infinite-volume distribution for the increments of the field, as was shown by Funaki and Spohn. In the present paper we show that adding a disorder term prohibits the existence of such gradient Gibbs measures for general interaction potentials in d=2. This non-existence result generalizes the simple case of Gaussian fields where it follows from an explicit computation. In d=3, where random gradient Gibbs measures are expected to exist, our method provides a lower bound of the order of the inverse of the distance on the decay of correlations of Gibbs expectations w.r.t. the distribution of the random environment.

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