06-303 Alessandra Celletti
Weakly dissipative systems in Celestial Mechanics (3704K, pdf) Oct 29, 06
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Abstract. We investigate the dynamics associated to nearly--integrable dissipative systems, with particular reference to some models of Celestial Mechanics which can be described in a weakly dissipative framework. We start by studying some paradigmatic models provided by the dissipative standard maps in 2 and 4 dimensions. The dynamical investigation is performed applying frequency analysis and computing the differential fast Lyapunov indicators. After recalling a few properties of adiabatic invariants, we provide some examples of nearly-integrable dissipative systems borrowed from Celestial Mechanics, and precisely the spin-orbit coupling and the 3-body problem. We conclude with a discussion on the existence of periodic orbits in dissipative autonomous and non-autonomous systems.

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