06-243 Thierry Gallay and Mariana Haragus
Orbital stability of periodic waves for the nonlinear Schr dinger equation (397K, PDF) Sep 1, 06
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Abstract. The nonlinear Schr dinger equation has several families of quasi-periodic travelling waves, each of which can be parametrized up to symmetries by two real numbers: the period of the modulus of the wave profile, and the variation of its phase over a period (Floquet exponent). In the defocusing case, we show that these travelling waves are orbitally stable within the class of solutions having the same period and the same Floquet exponent. This generalizes a previous work where only small amplitude solutions were considered. A similar result is obtained in the focusing case, under a non-degeneracy condition which can be checked numerically. The proof relies on the general approach to orbital stability as developed by Grillakis, Shatah, and Strauss, and requires a detailed analysis of the Hamiltonian system satisfied by the wave profile.

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