06-207 Spyridon Kamvissis and Gerald Teschl
Stability of Periodic Soliton Equations under Short Range Perturbations (282K, LaTeX2e with 2 EPS figures) Jul 24, 06
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Abstract. We consider the stability of (quasi-)periodic solutions of soliton equations under short range perturbations and give a complete description of the long time asymptotics in this situation. We show that, apart from the phenomenon of the solitons travelling on the quasi-periodic background, the perturbed solution asymptotically approaches a modulated solution. We use the Toda lattice as a model but the same methods and ideas are applicable to all soliton equations in one space dimension. More precisely, let $g$ be the genus of the hyperelliptic Riemann surface associated with the unperturbed solution. We show that the $n/t$-pane contains $g+2$ areas where the perturbed solution is close to a quasi-periodic solution in the same isospectral torus. In between there are $g+1$ regions where the perturbed solution is asymptotically close to a modulated lattice which undergoes a continuous phase transition (in the Jacobian variety) and which interpolates between these isospectral solutions. In the special case of the free solution ($g=0$) the isospectral torus consists of just one point and we recover the classical result. Both the solutions in the isospectral torus and the phase transition are explicitly characterized in terms of Abelian integrals on the underlying hyperelliptic Riemann surface.

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