06-194 Fumio Hiroshima
Fiber Hamiltonians in the non-relativistic quantum electrodynamics (250K, dvi) Jul 6, 06
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Abstract. A translation invariant Hamiltonian $H$ in the nonrelativistic quantum electrodynamics is studied. This Hamiltonian is decomposed with respect to the total momentum $\tot$: $$H=\int_{\BR} ^\oplus \fri(P) dP,$$ where the self-adjoint fiber Hamiltonian $\fri(P)$ is defined for arbitrary values of coupling constants. It is discussed a relationship between rotation invariance of $H(P)$ and polarization vectors, and functional integral representations of $n$ point Euclidean Green functions of $H(P)$ is given. From these, some applications concerning with degeneracy of ground states, ground state energy and expectation values of suitable observables with respect to ground states are given.

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