06-11 L. Chayes and H. K. Lei
Cardy's Formula for Certain Models of the Bond--Triangular Type (609K, pdf) Jan 11, 06
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Abstract. We introduce and study a family of 2D percolation systems which are based on the bond percolation model of the triangular lattice. The system under study has local correlations, however, bonds separated by a few lattice spacings act independently of one another. By avoiding explicit use of microscopic paths, it is first established that the model possesses the typical attributes which are indicative of critical behavior in 2D percolation problems. Subsequently, the so called Cardy Carleson functions are demonstrated to satisfy, in the continuum limit, Cardy's formula for crossing probabilities. This extends the results of S. Smirnov to a non--trivial class of critical 2D percolation systems.

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