06-107 Guido Gentile, Michele V. Bartuccelli, and Jonathan H. Deane
Bifurcation curves of subharmonic solutions (365K, pdf) Apr 5, 06
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Abstract. We revisit a problem considered by Chow and Hale on the existence of subharmonic solutions for perturbed systems. In the analytic setting, under more general (weaker) conditions, we prove their results on the existence of bifurcation curves from the nonexistence to the existence of subharmonic solutions. In particular our results apply also when one has degeneracy to first order -- i.e. when the subharmonic Melnikov function vanishes identically. Moreover we can deal as well with the case in which degeneracy persists to arbitrarily high orders, in the sense that suitable generalisations to higher orders of the subharmonic Melnikov function are also identically zero. In general the bifurcation curves are not analytic, and even when they are smooth they can form cusps at the origin: we say in this case that the curves are degenerate as the corresponding tangent lines coincide. The technique we use is completely different from that of Chow and Hale, and it is essentially based on rigorous perturbation theory.

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