05-5 St phane Attal, Alain Joye
Weak Coupling and Continuous Limits for Repeated Quantum Interactions (429K, pdf) Jan 5, 05
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Abstract. We consider a quantum system in contact with a heat bath consisting in an infinite chain of identical sub-systems at thermal equilibrium at inverse temperature $\beta$. The time evolution is discrete and such that over each time step of duration $\tau$, the reference system is coupled to one new element of the chain only, by means of an interaction of strength $\lambda$. We consider three asymptotic regimes of the parameters $\lambda$ and $\tau$ for which the effective evolution of observables on the small system becomes continuous over suitable macroscopic time scales $T$ and whose generator can be computed: the weak coupling limit regime $\lambda\ra 0$, $\tau=1$, the regime $\tau\ra 0$, $\lambda^2\tau \ra 0$ and the critical case $\lambda^2\tau=1$, $\tau\ra 0$. The first two regimes are perturbative in nature and the effective generators they determine is such that a non-trivial invariant sub-algebra of observables naturally emerges. The third asymptotic regime goes beyond the perturbative regime and provides an effective dynamics governed by a general Lindblad generator naturally constructed from the interaction Hamiltonian. Conversely, this result shows that one can attach to any Lindblad generator a repeated quantum interactions model whose asymptotic effective evolution is generated by this Lindblad operator.

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