05-391 Juerg Froehlich and Enno Lenzmann
Blow-Up for Nonlinear Wave Equations describing Boson Stars (244K, LaTeX 2e) Nov 14, 05
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Abstract. We consider the nonlinear wave equation $i \partial_t u= \sqrt{-\Delta + m^2} u - (|x|^{-1} \ast |u|^2) u$ on $\RR^3$ modelling the dynamics of (pseudo-relativistic) boson stars. For spherically symmetric initial data, $u_0(x) \in C^\infty_{c}(\RR^3)$, with negative energy, we prove blow-up of $u(t,x)$ in $H^{1/2}$-norm within a finite time. Physically, this phenomenon describes the onset of "gravitational collapse" of a boson star. We also study blow-up in external, spherically symmetric potentials and we consider more general Hartree-type nonlinearities. As an application, we exhibit instability for ground state solitary waves of the equation with $m=0$.

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