05-381 S. De Bievre
Local states of free bose fields (570K, postscript) Nov 9, 05
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Abstract. These notes contain an extended version of lectures given at the ``Summer School on Large Coulomb Systems'' in Nordfjordeid, Norway, in august 2003. They furnish a short introduction to the theory of quantum harmonic systems, or free bose fields. The main issue addressed is the one of local states. I will adopt the definition of Knight of ``strictly local excitation of the vacuum'' and will then state and prove a generalization of Knight's Theorem which asserts that finite particle states cannot be perfectly localized. It will furthermore be explained how Knight's a priori counterintuitive result can be readily understood if one remembers the analogy between finite and infinite dimensional harmonic systems alluded to above. I will also discuss the link between the above result and the so-called Newton-Wigner position operator thereby illuminating, I believe, the difficulties associated with the latter. I will in particular argue that those difficulties do not find their origin in special relativity or in any form of causality violation, as is usually claimed.

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