05-317 Frederic Klopp and Georgi Raikov
Lifshitz Tails in Constant Magnetic Fields (505K, PDF) Sep 12, 05
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Abstract. We consider the 2D Landau Hamiltonian $H$ perturbed by a random alloy-type potential, and investigate the Lifshitz tails, i.e. the asymptotic behavior of the corresponding integrated density of states (IDS) near the edges in the spectrum of $H$. If a given edge coincides with a Landau level, we obtain different asymptotic formulae for power-like, exponential sub-Gaussian, and super-Gaussian decay of the one-site potential. If the edge is away from the Landau levels, we impose a rational-flux assumption on the magnetic field, consider compactly supported one-site potentials, and formulate a theorem which is analogous to the case of a vanishing magnetic field.

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