05-304 K. Khanin, J. Lopes Dias, J. Marklof
Multidimensional continued fractions, dynamical renormalization and KAM theory (664K, pdf) Sep 5, 05
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Abstract. The disadvantage of `traditional' multidimensional continued fraction algorithms is that it is not known whether they provide simultaneous rational approximations for generic vectors. Following ideas of Dani, Lagarias and Kleinbock-Margulis we describe a simple algorithm based on the dynamics of flows on the homogeneous space $\SLZ\backslash\SLR$ (the space of lattices of covolume one) that indeed yields best possible approximations to any irrational vector. The algorithm is ideally suited for a number of dynamical applications that involve small divisor problems. We explicitely construct renormalization schemes for (a) the linearization of vector fields on tori of arbitrary dimension and (b) the construction of invariant tori for Hamiltonian systems.

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