05-256 Guido Gentile
Degenerate lower-dimensional tori under the Bryuno condition (493K, postscript) Jul 28, 05
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Abstract. We study the problem of conservation of maximal and lower-dimensional invariant tori for analytic convex quasi-integrable Hamiltonian systems. In the absence of perturbation the lower-dimensional tori are degenerate, in the sense that the normal frequencies vanish, so that the tori are neither elliptic nor hyperbolic. We show that if the perturbation parameter is small enough, for a large measure subset of any resonant submanifold of the action variable space, under some generic non-degeneracy conditions on the perturbation function, there are lower-dimensional tori which are conserved. They are characterised by rotation vectors satisfying some generalised Bryuno conditions involving also the normal frequencies. We also show that, again under some generic assumptions on the perturbation, any torus with fixed rotation vector satisfying the Bryuno condition is conserved for most values of the perturbation parameter in an interval small enough around the origin. According to the sign of the normal frequencies and of the perturbation parameter the torus becomes either hyperbolic or elliptic or of mixed type.

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