05-243 Kiro Miyazaki
Metastability of protoneutron stars in the extended Zimanyi-Moszkowski model (298K, PDF) Jul 14, 05
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Abstract. We have investigated the protoneutron star (PNS) using the extended Zimanyi-Moszkowski relativistic mean-field model of hadronic matter with and without antikaon condensation. The trapped neutrinos in PNS delay the appearance of negative-charged hadrons \Xi^- or K^-, and so its equation of state becomes rather stiffer than neutrino-free neutron star (NS) at high baryon densities. As the results, the maximum gravitational and baryonic masses of PNS are larger than those of NS. Thus, there exists metastable PNS that might collapse to a low-mass black hole after deleptonization. However the careful analyses of hadron composition reveal that the central baryon density of the lightest metastable PNS is lower than the density above which the negative-charged hadrons appear. Consequently, the PNSs, in which the negative charges are carried by leptons only, can be also metastable.

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