05-233 Kiro Miyazaki
Does antikaon condensed phase exist in neutron stars? (227K, PDF) Jun 30, 05
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Abstract. Neutron star matter including all the baryon octets and condensed antikaons is investigated by the extended Zimanyi-Moszkowski model. It is only the relativistic mean-field model to take into account both the (hidden) strange mesons and the effectively density-dependent meson-baryon coupling constants. Even if we assume the deep \bar{K} optical potential U_{\bar{K}}=-160MeV and strong NN\delta and NN\rho coupling constants, which are necessary for antikaon condensation in neutron star but are not consistent to the results of the most refined theoretical investigations, the maximum mass of neutron star is lower than the canonical value 1.44M_{sun}. Consequently, antikaon condensed phase is unlikely to exist in neutron stars.

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