05-224 Kiro Miyazaki
Constraints on hyperon couplings from neutron star equations of state (420K, PDF) Jun 22, 05
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Abstract. Based on the constituent quark picture of baryons and taking into account the contributions of isovector and strange mesons, we have developed the extended Zimanyi-Moszkowski model of dense baryon matter for studying neutron star (NS) equations of state (EOSs). Four sets of meson-hyperons coupling constants are investigated. The first is characterized by strong attractive N\Sigma interaction while the others have repulsive N\Sigma interactions. The second is characterized by strong attractive \Lambda\Lambda interaction. The third has weak \Lambda\Lambda but strong attractive \Sigma\Sigma interactions. The last one has much weaker \Sigma\Sigma interaction than the third one. By systematic analyses of the EOSs and mass sequences of NSs, it has been found that the strong attractive N\Sigma, \Lambda\Lambda and \Sigma\Sigma interactions are ruled out. The result is consistent to the most recent information on hyperon interactions from the experimental and theoretical investigations of hypernuclei.

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