05-216 Kiro Miyazaki
Strange hadronic matter in a fully self-consistent mean-field model (390K, PDF) Jun 15, 05
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Abstract. A new relativistic mean-field model of baryon matter is developed. It is constructed by modifying the Zimanyi-Moszkowski model based on the constituent quark picture of baryons and is further extended so as to take into account the (hidden) strange mesons. The model is applied to dense strange hadronic matter using three sets of hyperon-hyperon interactions. The first one is characterized by strong \Lambda\Lambda attraction, the second has weak \Lambda\Lambda but strong \Sigma\Sigma attraction and in the third set both the interactions are weak. There have been found in all the sets the most stable forms of baryon matter with the deeper binding-energies than the saturation energy of normal nuclear matter and the strangeness fractions being larger than 1. Their properties are dominated by the abundance of \Lambda, \Sigma and \Xi hyperons respectively for each set of interactions. In the comparisons with the nonlinear Walecka and the modified quark-meson coupling model, we have confirmed that it is important to take precisely into account the medium dependences of effective meson-baryon coupling constants in dense baryon matter.

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