05-190 Kiro Miyazaki
Fully self-consistent mean-field model of asymmetric nuclear matter (495K, PDF) May 26, 05
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Abstract. We have developed a new relativistic mean-field model of asymmetric nuclear matter. It is an extension of the Zimanyi-Moszkowski model based on the constituent quark picture of nucleons. The effects of the scalar mean-fields on all the three constituent quarks in medium have been taken into account. They produce the renormalized effective coupling constants to be dependent on the effective masses of nucleons. Including the isovector scalar mean-field by \delta[a_0(980)] meson, the masses of protons and neutrons are different from each other. Consequently, we have charge-asymmetric effective interactions to be determined self-consistently as well as the effective masses. We have numerically investigated the charge-asymmetric nature of our model in detail. Then, it is applied to the cold beta-stable neutron stars. The results exhibit the general feature of a stiff equation-of-state.

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