05-178 Kiro Miyazaki
A new nonlinear mean-field model of strange hadronic matter (314K, PDF) May 17, 05
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Abstract. The derivative scalar-coupling (DSC) model of relativistic nuclear matter by Zimanyi and Moszkowski is reconsidered from a constituent quark picture of nucleons. The DSC can be regarded as a correction to NN\sigma coupling owing to the effect of scalar mean-field on the constituent quark. By a little revision of the DSC model, we find a new model that can reproduce the nuclear matter saturation properties as well as the Dirac-Brueckner-Hartree-Fock model. This model is readily extended to hyperons and then is applied to investigate the strange hadronic matter. It predicts the same metastable state as the nonlinear scalar and vector coupling model or the modified quark-meson coupling model.

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