05-157 Viviane Baladi, Masato Tsujii
Anisotropic Holder and Sobolev spaces for hyperbolic diffeomorphisms (68K, LaTeX) May 1, 05
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Abstract. We study spectral properties of transfer operators for diffeomorphisms T on a Riemannian manifold: Suppose that there is an isolated hyperbolic subset for T, with a compact isolating neighborhood V. We first introduce Banach spaces of distributions supported on V, which are anisotropic versions of the usual space of C^p functions C^p(V) and of the generalized Sobolev spaces W^{p,t}(V), respectively. Then we show that the transfer operators associated to T and a smooth weight extend boundedly to these spaces, and we give bounds on the essential spectral radii of such extensions in terms of hyperbolicity exponents. These bounds shed some light on those obtained by Kitaev for the radius of convergence of dynamical determinants.

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