05-151 Tadahiro Miyao
Nonrelativistic Limit of the Abstract Chiral Quark Soliton Model and Confining Effects (31K, platex2e) Apr 27, 05
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Abstract. We consider an abstract version of a Dirac operator which describes a Hamiltonian of the chiral quark soliton model (CQSM) in nuclear physics. The mass term of the Hamiltonian describing the concrete CQSM is a matrix-valued function. Hence, the abstract CQSM Hamiltonian has structures different from the standard Dirac operator. We discuss the nonrelativistic limit of the abstract CQSM Hamiltonian and show that a binding potential appears as an effective potential. As an application of this abstract result, we derive the nonrelativistic limit of the concrete CQSM.

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