05-144 Eman Hamza, Alain Joye, Gunter Stolz
Localization for Random Unitary Operators (256K, pdf) Apr 24, 05
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Abstract. We consider unitary analogs of $1-$dimensional Anderson models on $l^2(\Z)$ defined by the product $U_\omega=D_\omega S$ where $S$ is a deterministic unitary and $D_\omega$ is a diagonal matrix of i.i.d. random phases. The operator $S$ is an absolutely continuous band matrix which depends on a parameter controlling the size of its off-diagonal elements. We prove that the spectrum of $U_\omega$ is pure point almost surely for all values of the parameter of $S$. We provide similar results for unitary operators defined on $l^2(\N)$ together with an application to orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle. We get almost sure localization for polynomials characterized by Verblunski coefficients of constant modulus and correlated random phases.

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