04-95 Alexandre Fedotov, Fr d ric Klopp
Op rateurs de Schr dinger quasi-p riodiques adiabatiques : Interactions entre les bandes spectrales d'un op rateur p riodique (960K, PDF) Mar 30, 04
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Abstract. This paper is devoted to the description of our recent results on the spectral behavior of one-dimensional adiabatic quasi-periodic Schr dinger operators. The specific operator we study is a slow periodic perturbation of an incommensurate periodic Schr dinger operator, and we are interested in energies where the perturbation creates a strong interaction between two consecutive bands of the background periodic operator. We describe the location of the spectrum and its nature and discuss the various new resonance phenomena due to the interaction of the spectral bands of the unperturbed periodic operator.

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